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Unlock your

Event Planning


"Is event planning in your wheelhouse?

Think you have what it takes

to land that job or set up your own business

in the event industry? 



We've got 20+ years of experience in the industry including:


  • Virtual/hybrid events

  • Fundraisers

  • Conferences

  • Workshops & Camps

  • Wedding Coordination

  • Event Design

  • Sponsorship Procurement & Fulfillment

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Production & Logistics

  • Working for a company

  • Running your own businesses as an independent contractor or specialized event planner

We are launching a mini course to set YOU up for success

as a brand new event planner...

whether you are wanting to work for a company

OR running your own businesses as an independent contractor or specialized event planner!

The Event Planning: unmasked! Program™ is a course designed for early-stage event professionals and "just-dabbling" event planners.


We share strategies on how to enter this profession & how to find your niche, whether you are an entrepreneur or independent contractor, or maybe you are looking to work in events at a company!

EPU stacked final.png

This program is in BETA & will be available in December 2021. 


Event Planning: unmasked!™ was our chosen trademarked name December of 2019. Our intention was to reveal ‘Behind the Scenes’ best practices in order to support newbie event planners.


We also captured podcast recording of a dozen event professionals for our 2020 Podcast, called Event Planning: unmasked! Which has not been launched at this time, but will be in 2022.  


We are so excited about the double entendre meaning of the name, as we are all working to come out of a worldwide pandemic that nearly devastated the event industry. We hope, when you begin to train, learn and grow with us, that you will be just as proud of this re-emerging and revealing name as we are!