Step 1: the


An interactive experience

of an industry that is currently in demand and working hard

to attract young talent.

Learn more: 

step 2: A deeper dive 

Teen to Teen Talks

What do educators, parents, and businesses need to do to help? 


We start at the source.


Hear teens discuss options:  

step 3: your


Family Night:


Industry and educational chat 

held in town to help you learn more about current industry information, right from the business owners, associations, and educators.


How does it work?


Surveys and program evaluations are key, but difficult, pieces of information to gather and process.


That is why Pathway X is making concerted efforts to design and implement response surveys and comprehensive evaluations for wide spread use.


This data not only allows us to understand our outcomes better (and course correct when needed) but it also helps us to better serve our partners in the learning and career awareness community.


By purposefully keeping our event series participants in an intimate setting, we are able to collect core student and teacher response data - the results of which can be extrapolated to understand what is likely happening with the impressions being made by larger and wider invitation Career Expo efforts.


We provide a unique resource to supply many of our supporting partners and workforce development efforts which are committed to providing many opportunities to gain career awareness throughout the year and across the state.

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